Take a look at our well appointed cottage

  • Closest Cottage To Dock

  • Electricity 24/7

  • Free WiFi

  • Music System

  • Dishwasher

  • Full Bathroom

  • Kitchen

  • Large Screened Porch

  • BBQ Grill

  • Oil Stove


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Rules and Guidelines

Rules & Guidelines

In order for the owners to maintain their commitment to Atwood Island and the French River, some rules and guidelines are listed below. Please note, that as our guests, we entrust you with our island. The owners love and respect her and hope you will and treat her the same way.

  • Due to the ever present risk of fire, Atwood Island is a smoke free zone. For safety and health reasons, NO SMOKING in TRAPPERS. Limit smoking to the outdoor decks.
  • For your safety, let Stephen, our 24/7 on-site island manager, know where you plan to go every day.
  • The river has many rocks. Stephen can also inform you of the surrounding waters and some of the hazard areas to be aware of.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal on the river.
  • Try to keep noise to a minimum on the island especially after 9:00 pm as many are trying to relax and enjoy the peace.
  • Accidents happen. Let Stephen know if you have one.
  • Please treat Trappers as if you owned it.

Our island is truly magical but it will only stay that way if you respect her dignity. For those who appreciate her a return invitation is always extended.

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